Announcing the next step in Motorsport Maintenance and Lifing Systems.

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Brisbane-based software company Emsteq Systems has announced details of the long-awaited upgrade of their RaceMS software.

“We’ve taken every suggestion from our clients and combined them into this upgrade.” Says Managing Director, Tim Noske. “But the major change is the underlying technology behind the software. Quite literally, we’ve bought it into the 21st Century!”

Opening the system is the reveals the updated look and feel that accompanies the upgrade. But the big news is under the bonnet. The database is now cloud-based. This means that no matter where the installed software is located, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access.

"RaceMS is now cloud-based."

The huge benefit is that there’s no messy split and join database functionality needed and if you wanted the system to be multi-user, there’s no system work needed to achieve that. Just download the app on every PC that it’s needed on.

New Features of RaceMS V4

• New Part Structure. There are no longer Assemblies and Components, just Parts. Any part can be a Sub Part to any other Part;

• Configurable Alerts. Instead of 1 life alert and set alerts for Service, Crack Test and Inspection, there are now 2 life alerts and 4 maintenance alerts. These can be named anything. Want to configure a Race Life and a Test life for parts? Easy!

• These alerts can be measured in any number of different profiles: distance, hours, laps, events, starts or by date;

• A part’s life is now a calculated figure from the history instead of a saved value. Reducing the risk of errors;

• All alerts in the system are now displayed as “life remaining”. That is, life until requiring replacement, service or inspection etc.

• Abnormal Event. A track session can be marked as an Abnormal Event if there was a failure or accident. Any part used in that session is then flagged as having been in an abnormal event giving the engineer an immediate flag to track the part a lot closer.

• Duration on Rev Limiter. Widely accepted as a particularly violent event, the system now tracks duration on Rev limit which can be used as a deciding factor on a part’s life.

• Parts Catalogue. The system now has a full parts catalogue that can be used to manage the team’s componentry. This includes being able to set required stock levels and be able to report on them.

• Build mode. Engaging build mode enables locations and search windows to be displayed side-by-side allowing the user to drag and drop parts into the location;

• Duration on Rev Limiter. Widely accepted as a particularly violent event, the system now tracks duration on Rev limit which can be used as a deciding factor on a part’s life.

• A new ad-hoc query function has been built to access to the information and aid in extracting data. Queries are built in an easy to use visual interface and are able to be output to Excel

Updated Pricing Structure

The other benefit of a Cloud-based system is that RaceMS can now be offered as a subscription. This means that the system is more affordable than ever before.

New Installations:

Initial Configuration $499 + GST
First User $45 + GST per Month
Subsequent users $30 + GST per month for each user


Initial Configuration including database migration $799 + GST
As an introductory offer, upgrades will not incur monthly charges until 30 June 2019

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