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TranMS Fleet Maintenance Software

How do you keep your fleet on the road?

Ask any transport operator what their major aims in life are and at least two answers would be to ensure that every piece of equipment spends every minute of every hour of every day on the road, and that their drivers are safe.

Reliability is a major part of this. Ensuring a vehicle is properly serviced and maintained means that an operator can maintain 100% efficiency, improves driver safety through reduced risk of vehicle failure, and increases resale values on used equipment.

Emsteq Systems, the company that revolutionized the race teams of the world with “RaceMS”, is proud to announce their “TranMS” System – A fleet Maintenance software.

The Managing Director, Tim Noske, has a long association with transport heavyweight Kalari Transport Services and knows how a transport business operates. He has used this knowledge about fleet maintenance along with the experience gained from years servicing motorsport as a basis for how TranMS operates, ensuring that your business “goes the distance”.

The main aim of this fleet maintenance software is attention to detail. No matter what size of fleet, this system will ensure that every truck and trailer is regularly serviced, every part— no matter how small— is maintained correctly, and that a full service history is kept on every part on every truck and every trailer in the fleet.

On top of this, the software tracks the schedule for the workshop, giving Maintenance an exact indication of upcoming workload. This ensures that the workshop remains busy and that vehicles can be scheduled effectively. The system also tracks Faults reported by drivers. This means that no potential problems go unattended.

The fleet maintenance software can keep record of every tyre used by the fleet, thus making sure that there are no unexpected tyre problems.  Also, the system can keep track of fuel usage allowing workshop staff to identify spikes in fuel usage that could identify potential problems

Benefits Of TranMS

Improved fleet maintenance means:

• every vehicle can be kept in the fleet longer meaning less cost to the business;

• less downtime from breakdowns;

• less risk of accidents from component failure;

• can lead to better resale values of vehicles from a proven maintenance history;

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